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Operator Training

We provide novice, refresher and re-certification training.


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Novice Training

Even though a Forklift appears to be a "simple" piece of machinery, in the wrong hands it can be a dangerous piece of equipment. Training can therefore not be conducted in one day.

Trainees who have never operated a machine before are required to attend a 5 day (8 HOURS PER DAY) training course. The objective of this course is not only to train the operator how to take care of his machine, drive correctly and safely, but also focuses on an acceptable level of productivity. The operator is provided with both theoretical and practical training which will provide the skills needed to obtain his/her operator license at the end of the 5 day course.

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Re-certification Training

This course is aimed at those operators who have been trained and licensed, but their certificates have expired or is approaching the expiry date, however the license have not been expired for more than 90 days as set out in the act. Although they can operate the machinery, they are required by law to renew their operator license.

We concentrate on the elimination of bad driving habits that have developed, and do more challenging exercises with the operators. These exercises emphasize productivity, safety and elimination of damage to pallets and product, especially when working at that level of productivity. The re-certification course has a duration of 1 day after which the operator will receive his/her new operator license.

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